Created 24-Jan-22
Top Six Things to Look For When Choosing a Brand Photographer

So, you are running a business, but you are facing the daily scrabble of what images to put up on social media. How to get you and your brand out there. Stock images don’t necessarily tell the story of you and your brand! You want to portray your own personal and business brand values. You realize you should really commission a professional photographer, but how do you choose…?

Here are six things to look for…

1. Specialist Brand Photographer
A fantastic wedding photographer or family portrait photographer isn’t necessarily a fantastic personal branding photographer. Look for a photographer who specializes in personal brand photography.

2. What’s included?
To have a successful brand photography shoot… Your photographer should offer a pre shoot consultation. What deliverables will you get? Will the images be high resolution? How will they be delivered to you and when? Get a full list of what is included for your investment.

3. Photography Style
Every photographer has a unique aesthetic and style. Are you looking for classic and sophisticated personal branding photos? Or is your look brighter and more colourful?

4. Connection
During your consultation, focus on how your photographer makes you feel. Do you feel confident in his or her ability to deliver? Do they understand your vision? Do you like them and get on with them? Like their personality? If so, it’ll show in your photos!

5. Think about the future
As you and your business evolve, you’ll want to update your bank of photographs to best reflect the natural evolution of your business and to keep your online presence fresh. Does your potential photographer offers a monthly or quarterly photoshoot package to regularly update your photos?

6. Investment
While we all have budgets to work to, you do get what you pay for. These images are going to be around for a long time, portraying you and your brand. They must be right. Plus, they are going to help you grow your business and bring in more revenue, so it’s worthwhile investing as much as you can.
Does your chosen photographer offer a number of packages?

When it comes to choosing your brand photographer, look for a photographer who knows how to tell a story with the camera, one that will make any future potential clients of yours want to know more. For something as important as your brand, you can’t just look for someone who will get the job done for the lowest price -- you need an experienced professional who can offer you a premium and bespoke service. Someone who you are going to invest heavily in, but someone who is going to save you time and make you money!
Your investment in yourself and your brand is the most important investment ever. Choose wisely.


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